2009 European Championship Results

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European Championship of Custom Bike Building, March 28-29 2009. Mainz, Germany.

Freestyle Class
One-off, ground up customs. Any design or modification is accepted.
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Modified Harley-Davidson Class
Frame and motor must be original equipment Harley-Davidson. Any modification to an original H-D frame and motor is accepted. Engine case must be Harley-Davidson, but modified or changed heads or cylinders are acceptable.
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Custom Chrome Motorcycles Class
Entry must be based on a Custom Chrome production kit motorcycle frame and motor. Any modifications are accepted.
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Freestyle Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 Big Twin Motors flag it Italy Panster 432 »
2 SE Service flag se Sweden Harrier 408 »
3 Flying Choppers flag fi Finland Cloud 9 373 »
4 Andreoli Motorcycles flag it Italy Ventidue 362 »
5 Special Parts Supply flag nl Netherlands Speed-Demon 353 »
6 Riverside Motocyclettes flag fr France Clearspeed 324 »
7 Anders Göth flag se Sweden SpeedO 310 »
8 Wildstyle flag cz Czech Republic Don Scalfare 292 »
9 Bobber Cycles flag it Italy Chenz'e Arrenda (No Surrender) 280 »
10 TGS Motorcycles flag de Germany Seppster 3 Speed Junkey 264 »
11 Lamb Engineering flag gb UK Cafe Rouge 252 »
12 Destiny Cycles flag gb UK High Roller 248 »
13 Bonneville flag es Spain Cashmir 236 »
14 Classic-Bikes flag de Germany Lost Knuckles 235 »
15 USM flag de Germany Foxy Lady 176 »
16 Nicolas Chauvin Design flag fr France Wild Night 169 »
17 Roth Engineering flag se Sweden Indian XXL 165 »
18 Garage65 flag it Italy 5'ini 157 »
19 Dub Performance flag fr France Proto Slug 142 »
20 Hogtech flag se Sweden Chopper No 1962 137 »
21 TTS Motorcycles flag de Germany Pan Optikum 124 »
22 Sasse van Essen flag de Germany Serpentinata 107 »
23 OMC flag de Germany Superman 101 »
24 Chopper Kultcha flag ae United Arab Emirates Courtesan 99 »
25 VAV-Tuning flag cz Czech Republic Cruell 96 »
26 Destiny Cycles flag gb UK Inventor 93 »
27 El Camino 666 from HD Riders flag fr France Oro Negro 91 »
28 Team Sable flag es Spain Barro 89 »
29 RMF Motorcycles flag de Germany Brown Sugar 83 »
30 Walz Hardcore Cycles flag de Germany Rampage 82 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
...by Bob flag cz Czech Republic Element »
Ara's Bike & Parts flag fi Finland Dozer Hugger »
Art of Racer flag fr France Rouge & Noir »
Art of Racer flag fr France Skulls »
Bike Division flag de Germany Scorched »
Bike Project flag de Germany Desert Buellster »
Biker Schmiede Berlin flag de Germany Albusater »
Biker Schmiede Berlin flag de Germany Rolling Stone II »
Black Way Motorcycles & Zen Motorcycles flag ch Switzerland DP 01 »
Chopper Spirit flag pt Portugal Open Mind »
Chopper's Syndicate flag be Belgium Fuckoff Number One »
Classic Cycles flag ch Switzerland 50th Anniversary Birthday Bike »
Classic Cycles flag ch Switzerland 66 Béla B. Bobber »
Crazy Motor Shop flag fr France Z SCHOOL »
Deathfield-Choppers flag de Germany DFC- Highneck Chopper »
Deathfield-Choppers flag de Germany DFC-Chopper »
Drags & Racing flag it Italy Tre per Tre »
Dub Performance flag fr France R.I.P. »
Ehinger Kraftrad flag de Germany Kraftrad 2008 »
Fred Kodlin Motorcycles flag de Germany Chingonas »
Gianni Pellegrino flag it Italy Duc.Ster Drag »
Gigamachine Choppers flag hu Hungary Fiery Sporty »
Gigamachine Choppers flag hu Hungary Prince Lahor's Bike »
Hot Road Choppers flag be Belgium Hot Board Tracker »
HWC-Cycles flag de Germany Black Marlin »
Independent Choppers flag de Germany La Diosa »
Iron Farm flag hu Hungary Devils Horse »
King Machine Choppers flag hu Hungary Hell Bent »
Krazy Horse flag gb UK Krazy Racer »
Mainhattan V2 Parts flag de Germany Green Stream »
Mainhattan V2 Parts flag de Germany Pain Machine »
Monster Customs flag hu Hungary Chopster »
Morlako Kustom flag es Spain Baby's Racing »
Motorcycles Performance Malyhd flag pl Poland Black Gambler »
MotorVisionen flag de Germany Beauty »
No Limits Customs flag de Germany Gallardo »
PowerHouse Custom AB flag se Sweden El Diablo »
Ratbike Eddie flag de Germany Shovel Rat »
Revolution-Choppers flag de Germany Jesse James »
SC Motorcycle flag pl Poland Blizzard Beast »
Steel Creations flag pl Poland Golden Moth »
TecArt International flag de Germany Disruptor II »
TecArt International flag de Germany Godfather »
Wakas Bikes flag it Italy Baby Killer »
Walz Hardcore Cycles flag de Germany Ligier Gitanes »
Walz Werk flag de Germany Ascari 1000CR »
Walz Werk flag de Germany Tosa 1100R »
XXL-LM flag sk Slovakia 19 »
Zen Motorcycles flag fr France XLCR 1000 by Zen »

Modified Harley-Davidson Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 Thunderbike flag de Germany Build a Billy 124 »
2 Custombike flag it Italy La Fenice 98 »
3 Franz Wielath flag de Germany 49er 62 »
4 TRS-Classicbikes flag de Germany Grine 59 »
5 No Limits Customs flag de Germany Carrera GT 47 »
6 TGS Motorcycles flag de Germany HD Panhead 43 »
7 Madaus Design flag de Germany K-Racer 42 »
8 Black Way Motorcycles flag ch Switzerland Old Black 37 »
9 Moppedhaenger flag de Germany Spencer 11 »
10 TRS-Classicbikes flag de Germany LocoMotora 10 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Bike Division flag de Germany Scrap Metal »
Chopper Spirit flag pt Portugal Puta Madre »
H-D Cycle Parts flag de Germany Flyer »
Hell Kitchen Choppers flag de Germany Uncle SAM »
Hogbitz Speedshop flag gb UK Thunderstorm Cafe Racer »
Jewel Racer flag fr France Meoww! »
Motorcycle Company flag fr France Bilzic »
Radical-Garage flag hu Hungary Angel Dust »
Saint City Customs flag de Germany One »
Sapka Müvek flag hu Hungary 2003 »
Special Car & Cycle flag ch Switzerland Pure Metal Work »
US Custom Bikes flag de Germany 57 Early Chopper »

Custom Chrome Motorcycle Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 TGS Motorcycles flag de Germany Interstellar Overdrive 210 »
2 Big Twin Motors flag it Italy Vampiria 133 »
3 Mainhattan V2 Parts flag de Germany Doc's Toy 53 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Custom Attack flag it Italy Fear of the Dark »
Fred Kodlin Motorcycles flag de Germany 2009 »
Garage Area 76 flag it Italy Spirit II »
KFR-Cycles flag de Germany Braveheart »
Kustomizer flag it Italy Ciccina »
Kustomizer flag it Italy Sventra Passere »
Markland MC flag se Sweden Good Art »
Motorcycle Company flag fr France Dragon BM »
Outback Cycles flag de Germany Silverlight »
RMF Motorcycles flag de Germany Woody »
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