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AMD World Championship Editor's Choice (Peter Thoeming, Australia)

Friday 30th Nov 2018

Australian Motorcyclist Magazine. "Well, it was a difficult job but I finally chose 'Titanium V' by Paul Milbourn as my choice - and it is clear that I was not alone in my admiration for Paul's work as he went on to scoop the win in the Street Performance Class. Paul went entirely his own way with this design. He chose a fine target on which to focus his ideas - a Moto Guzzi engine - and executed his mission of making the machine as light as possible. .

AMD World Championship Editor's Choice (Mala Malk, Finland)

Wednesday 28th Nov 2018

Kopteri Magazine. "I felt very honored to be asked again to pick my favourite of the bikes at the 13th AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. It is really a hard choice between about 100 very fine custom built motorcycles. This time there were two personal favourites of mine. As I was wondering whether I have to flip a coin, Robin Bradley of AMD helped me out telling that it'll be all right to pick two bikes. I can tell you, I was relieved.

AMD World Championship Editor's Choice (Andy Hornsby, UK)

Monday 26th Nov 2018

American-V and Spirit of 1901 Magazines. "I'll be the first to admit that I approach custom bikes from the traditional end of the spectrum, and as a rider rather than a builder my editor's choice will always be an aesthetically beautiful bike that I would want in my garage, fuelled-up and ready to roll.

R-Odynamic by Thunderbike

Thursday 17th Nov 2011

Thunderbike from Germany has a long history of building top flight custom bikes, having placed 2nd at the 2006 World Championship of Custom Bike Building and 5th in the 2008 event. The latest ground-up custom build to come from the Hamminkeln shop is R-Odynamic, which took 2nd place in the Custom Class at the 2011 European Bike Week show.

An Abnormal Union

Friday 11th Nov 2011

Throughout the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, there were a small number of bikes that people kept going back to, to have another look. One of those was not in the Freestyle class and nor was it a bike. Abnormal Cycles had entered the Modified Harley class, and had entered with a sidecar outfit, and it was this that was getting all the attention. The attention was well deserved, too, as come the end of the show the outfit rolled away with the top prize.

Zero Engineering: From Zero to hero

Friday 4th Nov 2011

In the world of custom bike building, there are certain countries which seem to produce bikes that have a definite style that is unique to each location. One such example is the builds coming out of Japan.

Kiwi Indian: Chief Mike Tomas

Friday 28th Oct 2011

Throughout the history of the World Championship of Custom Bike Building there have been many changes, including the location, sponsoring partners and competitive classes. However, one thing that has remained constant over the eight years the event has been taking place is the presence of Mike Tomas - the Big Chief at Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Co. Over the years, Mike has always entered at least one bike in the Championship, winning the Production Manufacturer class in 2006, and 2011 was no exception as it saw him roll a 1950's Kiwi Chieftain into the show venue.

Darwin Motorcycles: Evolution of a café racer

Thursday 20th Oct 2011

Dar Holdsworth, the man behind Darwin Motorcycles, has been a regular competitor at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building over the years, placing third in both '08 and '09 and second in '10 in the Production Manufacturer class, and his persistence finally paid off this year with a class win.

Lucky Devil Metal Works: A diesel, now that's diversity

Wednesday 10th Aug 2011

In the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building the majority of the bikes in the Freestyle class are running American V-Twin engines. However, there are some notable exceptions, on being Lucky Devil Metal Works' diesel powered Hydra-ride.

PowerSport Institute: Shaping the future of custom bike building

Tuesday 9th Aug 2011

Collaborative builds are nothing new in the world of custom bikes, but when it is a collection of students doing the build and that build is good enough to compete in the World Championship of Custom Bike Building then interest is raised.

V-Twin Mechanic: Spacester - the futuristic Sportster

Tuesday 9th Aug 2011

France's sole representative in the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building is Bernard 'Buck' Massart, of V-Twin Mechanic, the builder of Spacester. Buck's futuristic looking Sportster began life as a '87 XL1200 before he stripped it down to just an engine and transmission. Before even beginning work on a new frame Buck turned his attention to the motor, filling the space between the V with extension to the cooling fins and relocating the carb to a space that would later be covered by the gas tank.

Abnormal Cycles: Three wheels on my wagon

Monday 8th Aug 2011

Throughout the history of the World Championship of Custom Bike Building trikes have been a regular sight on the show floor, and 2011 is no different with two trikes on display. However, what is different this year is the appearance of a sidecar outfit, the first time one has ever been shown in the Championship.

Kiwi Indian - Mike Tomas: Committed to the Championship

Monday 8th Aug 2011

Throughout the history of the World Championship of Custom Bike Building there is only one builder who has had a bike in each of the eight shows - Mike Tomas, founder and owner of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Co. From board trackers to bobbers to a replica Indian Aero-Draulic from the '50, Mike has built and entered them all. No matter what the style of build he's entered they have had one thing in common; one of Mike's one re-engineered reproduction Indian Flathead motors.

Three Two Choppers: Build Your Own

Monday 8th Aug 2011

While the majority of bikes on display at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building are the work of professional builders there is one machine in the Modified Harley class that has a different story to tell. AMFU out of Three Two Choppers shop was built by JC Coen, Jimmie Lee Coen and Manny Mercado, and while brothers JC and Jimmie Lee may be professional builders Manny is not. Manny is in fact a customer of the shop and he took part in the shops Build Your Own program.

AFT Customs: A touch of glamor

Monday 8th Aug 2011

Like any good custom shop Jim Giuffra's AFT Customs has a full crew of staff. However, the staff at AFT Customs also happen to be glamour models, not that they're there simply to look good they also weld and wrench on the builds in the workshop. Sentoh, one of the bikes the AFT models have worked on has come to the World Championship of Custom Bike building to take part in the Performance Custom™ class, having recently won top honors at the LA Calendar show.

Lamb Engineering: Son of a Gun

Monday 8th Aug 2011

Like many British motorcyclists of a certain age, Larry Houghton, of Lamb Engineering, began riding as a 16-year-old aboard a Yamaha FS1E. The little Yamaha two-strokes have always been known by owners in the UK as Fizzies and it was this bike that Larry thought about when he began to build his latest custom - Son of a Gun.

Tavax Engineering: A long road to travel

Sunday 7th Aug 2011

Not only did Ken Tabata travel a long way to attend the World Championship of Custom Bike Building, he took a long time to get there too. Japanese custom builder Ken began work on his Championship entry, Tavax 2011V, 3-1/2 years ago.

John Reed's Gold Yamaha: It's been a long time coming

Sunday 7th Aug 2011

The first time the USA saw John Reed's Gold Yamaha was the Oakland Grand National Roadster Show, way back in 1982, and then it took top honors. John is now hoping to repeat that feat at this year's World Championship of Custom Bike Building. John, a former trials bike rider, road racer and sidecar racer, turned to the world of custom bike building after retiring from racing, founding Uncle Bunts, a shop that soon became famous in his native England.
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