Lucky Devil Metal Works: A diesel, now that's diversity

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Wednesday 10th Aug 2011Filed under Bike Features Competitors

Lucky Devil Metal Works

In the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building the majority of the bikes in the Freestyle class are running American V-Twin engines. However, there are some notable exceptions, on being Lucky Devil Metal Works' diesel powered Hydra-ride.

Hydra-ride has been built by Lucky Devil Metal Works for Hydradine Hydraulics, a business that wanted a vehicle to showcase its custom Hydraulic power unit design skills and some of the components it sells. The most obvious example of Hydradine Hydraulics' product design is the hydraulic fluid rear wheel drive system. The pump that drives it is bolted to the rear of an inline, four-cylinder Kohler diesel engine.

Naturally, given the unusual motor choice and final drive, the frame had to be fabricated from scratch and the same is true of the bodywork, with it all being done in-house at Lucky Devil Metal Works. The rear end features under-slung shocks on the single-sided, tubular, swingarm.


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