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Monday 8th Aug 2011Filed under Bike Features Competitors

Three Two Choppers

While the majority of bikes on display at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building are the work of professional builders there is one machine in the Modified Harley class that has a different story to tell. AMFU out of Three Two Choppers shop was built by JC Coen, Jimmie Lee Coen and Manny Mercado, and while brothers JC and Jimmie Lee may be professional builders Manny is not. Manny is in fact a customer of the shop and he took part in the shops Build Your Own program.

The idea for the program came about when the brothers were looking for a way to 'pay it forward' and help out people who have the same passion and love for motorcycles they share, but who do not necessary have the skill to build their own custom bike.

One such person was Manny who went to JC and Jimmie Lee with a set of ideas for an 80ci Shovelhead FX. The two brothers mentored Manny no what would work and what would not and guided him through the whole build process.

Now Manny's bike is proudly on display in the Modified Harley-Davidson class at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building.


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