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Monday 8th Aug 2011Filed under Bike Features Competitors

Larry Houghton

Like many British motorcyclists of a certain age, Larry Houghton, of Lamb Engineering, began riding as a 16-year-old aboard a Yamaha FS1E. The little Yamaha two-strokes have always been known by owners in the UK as Fizzies and it was this bike that Larry thought about when he began to build his latest custom - Son of a Gun.

After picking up a 1951 BSA 500 db32 Goldstar engine on eBay Larry began to think about a bike he could build to house the former racing engine, and then was when he remembered his first bike - the Fizzy.

While the general outline of Son of a Gun certainly reminds many Brits of their teenage rides, the construction is another story. Using a combination of CNC machined parts and steel stock the slim line frame was brought together.

Larry then turned his talents to the front end and making further use of his CNC kit scratch built his own USD front end, complete with cutouts on the insides of the legs to expose the springs.

When it came to rear suspension, Larry began with a conventional swingarm and then got creative, mounting a pair of transmission chains under the swingarm and around the bottom of the gearbox and then back up and over the transmission to a pair of pull shocks.


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