Abnormal Cycles: Three wheels on my wagon

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Monday 8th Aug 2011Filed under Bike Features Competitors

Abnormal Cycles

Throughout the history of the World Championship of Custom Bike Building trikes have been a regular sight on the show floor, and 2011 is no different with two trikes on display. However, what is different this year is the appearance of a sidecar outfit, the first time one has ever been shown in the Championship.

The groundbreaking outfit is the work of Abnormal Cycles out of Bernareggio, Italy, who have attached a hand-made, Art Deco inspired sidecar body, lined with wood, to a '42 Harley-Davidson Model U. An Indian inspired leaf spring fork was then built, complete with two springs to compensate for the additional weight and the package was finished off with a full set of three chrome and brass drum brakes from fellow Italian manufacturers Kustom Tech.



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