2014 World Championship Results

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World Championship of Custom Bike Building, Sept 30th-5th Oct 2014. INTERMOT, Cologne, Germany.

Freestyle Class
One-off, ground-up built custom bikes, on all or any chassis platforms or drivetrains.
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Retro Modified
Any modified bike, with any drive train on any chassis configuration manufactured prior to 1984. Must be based on a pre-1984 engine, and styled to have the appearance of a motorcycle manufactured prior to 1984. Use of some contemporary parts/design elements is permitted.
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Modified Harley-Davidson Championship
Stock Evo or later frame and stock Evo or later (including Screamin' Eagle / JIMS) engine cases. The stock frame/Harley platform geometry must be maintained; the only modifications allowed are weld smoothing and other moldings and sheet metal additions, tab and or bracket relocation or removal and arising smoothings/moldings (such as exhaust bracket relocation for example). Swingarm/rear-end changes, of any kind, including replacement swingarms, are permitted; fat or skinny rear end conversions are permitted; as is frame or rear-end lowering or raising - provided the basic stock frame geometry is unchanged. Case internals can be replaced, along with cylinders, heads and internals. Turbo chargers, super chargers, NOS kits etc are permitted. Frames and cases can be from two different Harley-Davidsons.
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Street Performance
A class designed to showcase customs where the primary intention of the customiser is to improve the street-use performance of a motorcycle, and showcase the customiser's streetable performance engineering, tuning and handling skills and techniques. Open to all or any kind of motorcycle, of any platform or drivetrain, air-cooled or liquid-cooled (or even alternative energy). Open to 'metric', Whitworth/AF, and SAE measure bikes. Open to all kinds of performance engineering and enhancement/tuning techniques, including super charging, turbo charging, NOS, fuel injection etc.
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Cafe Racer
1950s/60s inspired road race bikes, including clip-on or drop bars, rearset foot controls, humped racing seat and performance modifications. Any make or model (including 'hybrid' frame/engine combinations) permitted.
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Freestyle Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 Krugger Motorcycles flag be Belgium Nurb's 711 »
2 Waylon Machinery flag fi Finland WSA 551 »
3 North Coast Custom flag it Italy Fiat Arbath 477 »
4 Rough Crafts flag tw Taiwan Graphite Speedster 447 »
5 Paul Milbourn Customs flag gb UK Nut Cracker 393 »
6 Thunderbike flag de Germany Unbreakable 356 »
7 Eddie Gustafsson flag se Sweden Speedy 261 »
8 Riverside Motocyclettes flag fr France Knuck Out 260 »
9 Valtoron flag es Spain La Bestia 1327 229 »
10 CF Costruzioni Meccaniche flag it Italy Sex Metal 224 »
11 AT American Cycles flag de Germany Stage III 223 »
12 DERBIDSON flag es Spain Citroen 2CV 211 »
13 Yuri Shif Custom flag by Belarus Terminator 203 »
14 Emporium Motorcycles Garage flag it Italy Desmohog 201 »
15 ASV flag fi Finland Jupiter 200 »
16 Old Empire Motorcycles flag gb UK OEM Typhoon 197 »
17 DK Motorrad flag ch Switzerland Meccano 192 »
18 Rocket Bobs Cycle Works flag gb UK 3 Finger Eddy 176 »
19 Naumann & Co. flag de Germany Virus 167 »
20 Aliens MC Helsinki flag fi Finland Seahorse 165 »
21 SteSil Bike flag it Italy Cheiron 154 »
22 Bobber Garage flag li Liechtenstein Der Monarch 128 »
23 Anssi Kantonen flag fi Finland Spirit Of Douglas 105 »
24= Blechmann flag at Austria Harley Davidson "Softail" 102 »
24= Fine Custom Mechanics flag ru Russian Federation Boo 102 »
26 Smits Custom Choppers flag nl Netherlands Olympic 100 »
27 Triple H Motorcycles flag gb UK FXRSS-MkII 90 »
28 Game Over Cycles flag pl Poland Cheyenne Bike - The Recidivist 65 »
29 Coroner Custom Cycles flag pl Poland Hod Rod Bike 64 »
30 Motorsports Garage flag fr France Queen of California 51 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Agnes Custom flag kr South Korea Maximus »
Andrzej Świniarski flag pl Poland Gladiator »
Big Boys Cycles Cologne flag de Germany Karlchen »
BK-Garage flag sk Slovakia Dark Baggster »
Chopper Steel Custom Cycles flag fr France Metalart »
Crazy-Drive.com flag ch Switzerland The Gem Tiger »
Freestyle Custom flag de Germany Ghost »
Game Over Cycles flag pl Poland Behemoth Bike »
Gitielle / Lizzi flag it Italy Chica Experience »
Iron worX flag be Belgium Disse's Bike »
Pavel Chopper flag ru Russian Federation Red »
Wannabe-Choppers flag de Germany Ulai »
Wolfgang Dieckhoff flag se Sweden Mad World »

Retro Mod Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 TMT Moto flag cz Czech Republic Nimbus 4 217 »
2 The Lucky Cat Garage flag fr France Sprintbeemer 172 »
3 Abnormal Cycles flag it Italy Chicca 122 »
4 Pedro Sabiote flag es Spain Nala & Lucky 121 »
5 Károly Orkonyi flag hu Hungary Marusius D-100 85 »
6 B.C.C. Boccin Custom Cycles flag it Italy Underdog 77 »
7 PDF Motociclette flag it Italy Hazard 72 »
8 Rno Cycles flag nl Netherlands Flowster 69 »
9 Naumann & Co. flag de Germany Mr. Flatty 58 »
10= Chopper Kulture flag ae United Arab Emirates Dominatrix 46 »
10= KD Motorcycles Belgium flag be Belgium The First Racer 46 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Andreas Linz flag de Germany Roadrunner »
Freestyle Custom flag de Germany Flathead UL1200 »
Moppedhänger flag de Germany Wing of the 80ies »
Toxic Twins flag de Germany Bonanza »
Zadig Motorcycles flag be Belgium ZSV250 Kill Bill »

Modified Harley-Davidson Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 One Way Machine flag de Germany Brougham 111 »
2 Hot Dreams Barcelona flag es Spain Rocket 107 »
3 Thunderbike flag de Germany TBR 97 »
4 Boss-Performance-Motorcycles flag de Germany Kizuna 74 »
5 Charging Lion flag be Belgium The Thief 56 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Fitil-DMC flag ru Russian Federation Russter »
ODC Ottodicuori flag it Italy ODC8 »
TRG Garage flag ru Russian Federation Go Cat Go »

Street Performance Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 Riverside Motocyclettes flag fr France Springster 111 »
2 Sapka Művek flag hu Hungary Buell 109 »
3 Lobo Motive flag es Spain Lobo 3 100 »
4 Iron Custom Motorcycles flag ua Ukraine Sturmvogel 65 »
5 CF Costruzioni Meccaniche flag it Italy Ros Blu 47 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Bernhard Schwanitz Alien Raptor flag de Germany BSAR »
Kingston Custom flag de Germany Honda CX 500 C Racer »
Motorsports Garage flag fr France Grasshopp'ster »

Cafe Racer Class Results

Business Country Bike Name Points
1 Crazy Racers flag fr France 750 CR 164 »
2 Inglourious Basterds Cycles flag it Italy Madiba Benelli 600 Sport 160 »
3 Kingston Custom flag de Germany BMW R100/7 Cafe Racer Tom Sawyer 80 »
4 Valtoron flag es Spain R32 51 »
5 Sapka Művek flag hu Hungary BMW B42 28 »
Also Competed (in alphabetical order)
Business Country Bike Name
Wannabe-Choppers flag de Germany The Flying Monocock »
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