A record Motor Bike Expo 'Verona show' expected next week

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Friday 14th Jan 2011Filed under Affiliates

Kcosmodrive, built by Garage65, won the Italian prize at Verona last year and went on to become European Champion and place 4th at the World Championship in Sturgis

With the demise of the attempted direct rivalry of the ill-fated 'Padua Show', Motor Bike Expo, held in Verona, Italy, January 21 - 23, now has its date and market sector profile free and clear of competition and confusion.

As a result, Motor Bike Expo is expected to see record crowds of over 100,000 people through the gates for the weekend, as the custom market (especially) in Italy continues to grow fast. Motor Bike Expo is one of the World Championship program's longest established official affiliate events and will again be offering two 'Sturgis' bike freight and related expenses prizes - one for the best domestic Italian built custom bike, and one for the best 'international' guest builder's bike.

Always one of the major custom bike events in Europe, 'Verona' winners have gone on to place well at European and World Championship events, and the event has made a major contribution to the development of the custom bike building scene in Italy.



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