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Thursday 19th Sep 2013Filed under Affiliates

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JIMS continues to design and develop specialist tools for engine builders and one of the latest is its vacuum fed fork filling tool. The patent pending tool is said to eliminate the need to remove the fairings on Touring bikes to change the fork oil.

JIMS claims that with the tool it should take about 30 minutes to perform the service compared to 2.2 hours without it.

To drain the fork, simply insert the tapered fitting into the drain hole and create a vacuum using a standard Mityvac hand pump. Once approximately 23lbs of vacuum pressure has been reached rotate the valve and instantly the vacuum will draw the pre-measured amount of fork fluid into the fork tube.

Useable on all common damper tube type fork assemblies, the tool is not for use on motorcycles using cartridge type forks or inverted fork assemblies. This tool is designed for use in conjunction with a Mityvac tool No. 741, which is available separately.

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Alongside new tools, JIMS is also releasing new derby and timing covers. The covers feature a 'Cubic Inch' motif. Made from polished billet aluminum, the covers feature cubic inch numbers silkscreened with military grade ink, and are designed with a concave back side to fit lock-up clutches. The covers come in both JIMS and other manufacturers' most popular displacement performance engine sizes.



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