Malicia Indigena wins Sturgis prize at 30th Anniversary Faro Rally

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Tuesday 8th Nov 2011Filed under Affiliates

Faro Bike Show Winner

Spanish builder Malicia Indigena won their second Sturgis prize at Faro in three years

This year's 30th annual Moto Clube Faro Rally on the Algarve in Southern Portugal saw record crowds in attendance. The affiliate custom bike show, in its 20th year, was won by Jhomba Tapasco of Malicia Indigena from Spain, becoming the first double winner of a World Champs Sturgis prize at the event, having taken the prize in 2009.

Despite the economic situation in Portugal, the "Custom Village" area saw an increased number of custom shops and associated businesses in attendance, with Parts Europe participating for the first time.

The Portuguese market is a small one, but has been growing steadily since the mid 1990's when the first custom shops and parts distribution emerged there.

Moto Clube Faro is one of Europe's most respected motorcycle clubs and stage an event that attracts in excess of 20,000 riders each year.



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