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Thursday 22nd Apr 2010Filed under Affiliates

Beey Motorcycles was the first ever Mexican builder to compete at the World Championship

For the second year, the Mad Builders custom bike show in Jocotepec, Mexico, in May (1st to 3rd) is offering a Mexican customizer the chance to compete at the Official World Championship at Sturgis in August.

Last year, the first time the event was held, the first ever World Championship affiliate event in Latin America had to be postponed to late May because of the Swine Flu epidemic, but still pulled some 15,000 show visitors.

The event is organized by a motorcycle riders club, Caballos Salvajes (Wild Horses), and on behalf of the World Championship program we congratulate the members on managing to make the 2009 event happen and for staging it again this year.

Last year the win was taken by Beey Motorcycles with their 92 inch S&S engined Goldammer front-end six speed softail lowrider 'Beey Guinni', which made the journey to Sturgis overland from central Mexico.

This year will again see three classes, including a Modified Harley-Davidson and 'Freestyle' class, and Californian aftermarket performance parts, transmission and accessories specialist Rivera Primo is adding the weight of its presence to the event.


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