OptiMate SOLAR, getting the Drag Specialties motorcycles 'ready to ride' at Sturgis!

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Wednesday 14th Nov 2018Filed under Partners

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TecMate's advanced OptiMate brand Solar battery charging tools have been gaining traction in the market place rapidly since their introduction. At this year's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the United States the company was set up with Drag Specialties / Parts Unlimited - the company's exclusive North American distributor.

Though there primarily to help the sales team promote the OptiMate range, with some sales of the Solar chargers being made - especially to people who had transported their bikes in closed trailers - one classic opportunity to showcase their Solar products came with the show bikes that TecMate's distributor uses at events within the USA.

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These bikes don't get ridden very often and subsequently their batteries are not always charged well enough to fire the engine up or demonstrate the installed accessories, especially the electronics and lights.

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TecMate CEO/CTO Martin Human takes up the story: "We mounted an OptiMate Solar 20W (TM522-2) and OptiMate Solar 40W (TM523-4) kit to portable A frame displays and put them to work saving, charging and then maintaining those show bike batteries that had become "needy" - making sure the bikes provided continuous service throughout the duration of the Rally.

"The OptiMate Solar line features a smart charger-monitor that provides battery status information around the clock - when it is charging the battery during the day and when the battery is at rest overnight. You can even switch the charger-controller from battery to battery to check battery condition, see which battery needs charging most, before you hook up the solar panel.

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"Once hooked up and the panel receives sun, the Solar Charge light blinks confirming solar power is being delivered, and one of the three battery status lights indicate charge progress. When night falls, or if the smart charger-monitor senses no solar power is being delivered, it changes into a battery monitor with one of the three charge status blinks, indicating battery status."

Martin says the 10W TM522-1 kit (12V 0.8A max.) and 20W TM522-2 kit (12V 1.6A max.) are "ideal for all powersports vehicles" but that if you need to rescue a battery faster, the 40W TM523-4 (12V 3.3A) is the charger of choice.

"No one cares about their battery until it's dead. But that might be more frequent than necessary if the vehicle is stored far from AC power, as was the case at Sturgis. With OptiMate Solar you don't have to change your mindset though.

"Here in Europe we know that can be a big problem when touring, when vacationing, especially off-roading and adventure touring, and at the races - which are often in remote areas where power supply access isn't guaranteed. Provided there is sunshine, with Optimate Solar you are never without power - just connect and forget, no more battery problems"!

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