S&S Cycle to sponsor the Production Manufacturer Showcase at Big Bike Europe

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Thursday 4th Apr 2013Filed under News Partners

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THE 'Production Manufacturer' class at the upcoming 10th annual AMD World Championship will showcase examples of custom bikes whose design and engineering considerations are aimed at repeatable production of street-legal custom bikes.

Showcasing models built by those who have made the investment in EU homologation, the 'Production Manufacturer' Showcase is open to competitors whose custom bikes have an EU Certificate of Conformity.

The hot news is that leading aftermarket performance parts specialist S&S Cycle is to sponsor the 'Production Manufacturer' Showcase with the award of one of its Euro-3 emissions compliant engines as the prize for one lucky selected manufacturer.

S&S Cycle has long been recognized as the leading engine manufacturer in the v-twin high performance industry, and many thousands of production and custom bikes are S&S powered.

What is sometimes overlooked is the substantial investment and ongoing effort S&S has made in order to provide environmentally responsible, emissions compliant engines for motorcycle manufacturers. Only with emissions legal engines can custom builders provide 'street-legal', unique alternatives for the motorcycle buying public.

Big Bike Europe and AMD Magazine are delighted to announce this partnership with S&S Cycle, and to be able to create this important future-facing initiative for the market in Europe.




Messe Essen


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