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Friday 28th Oct 2011Filed under Competitors


JOHN Shope's Sinister Industries has been working through the summer to create an extensive range of new parts.

Among the parts now available are what are claimed to be the only high strength PPO/PA ABS plastic hard bags on the market. Made from the same material as that used by Harley-Davidson, the Sinister bags are supplied in a black finish and use the existing Harley hardware.

The Sinister Industries' heat shield/frame filler has been designed to help keep the heat off the rider's inner thighs. It manages this by filling the gap between the rear cylinder and the frame and is available in black or chrome.

A second filler panel option offered by the company is its injection molded, flared side filler cover. The pop-on covers, which are available for '99 to present, are made of N.Y.B. Polymer. The covers will fit both stock and stretched saddlebags, but need to be trimmed for use with stock bags.

When it comes to luggage options John Shope's Sinister Industries now has its Slim Line Tour Pack options available. Two pieces are offered; a bottom and a lid. For the bottom John has cut out the sides so that the Pak can be mounted low on the fender while still allowing the bag lids to be used. It uses OEM hardware and bracket and works with OEM lids. Alternatively there is the option to use a Sinister Contour pack lid. It comes with a frenched-in area for the company's own oval jaded taillight, or it can be filled. The company also offers a molded backrest pan that can be upholstered and fitted to the lid.

To change the look of the storage options at the front of a bike, Sinister has 'Drop Top' glove box doors for Road Glides. Made of NYB Polymer, the lid design locks the doors in place to prevent scratching when opening and cleaning. A second option are the Accent glove box doors, once again for use on Road Glides.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Accent glove box covers for Road Glides match the other Accent parts in the Sinister Industries product line

Sinister's pop-on side filler covers are molded from N.Y.B. Polymer

The Sinister Industries' heat shield/frame filler has been designed to help keep the heat off the rider's inner thighs

The Road Glide glove box covers feature a lid design that locks the doors in place

The PP/OPA saddlebags are made in the USA

Sinister Industries' Tour Pal is available as a two-piece option, depending on a rider's needs


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