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Wednesday 12th Oct 2011Filed under Partners

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ADVANCED Racing Technologies (ART) was founded in 1980 before being incorporated into Rivera Primo in 2004. In 2010 the ART brand was relaunched by Rivera Primo, which has now added billet aluminum knurled pegs and grips to the existing range of ART hydraulic end covers being produced.

Both the grips and pegs are machined from 6061 aluminum and designed to look like the original '80s ART pieces. In addition to the standard grips, Rivera Primo also offers them fitted with Grip Ace switches. The Grip Ace switch module is imbedded directly into the grip, putting all the switch controls for programmable self-cancelling turn signals, horn, hi/lo beam and starting under the rider's fingers.

The Grip Ace switch system is fully micro-processor controlled, meaning the wiring process is almost completely 'plug & play'.


A second product that has been in production since the '80s are Rivera Primo's Taper Lite pushrods. They were made first when Mel Magnet, who founded Rivera Engineering (the precursor of Rivera Primo), was looking to improve on existing pushrod designs. At that time aftermarket pushrods were made of plain gauge steel. Mel decided he could create a better design and created the tapered chromoly steel design still available today as the Taper Lite.

A unique feature of the Taper Lite pushrods when they were first developed was a unique adjuster to collapse the pushrod for removal without removing the rocker boxes from Evo motors.

Over time Rivera Primo has refined the design to create Taper Lite pushrods to also fit Shovelhead, Sportster and Twin Cam applications.

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