Kickass Choppers

2018 World Championship competitor
Countryflag id Indonesia
Bike NamePantastico
Year/Model1948 Panhead
Engine Make/SizeHarley Davidson Panhead 1200
Drivetrain4 speed ratchet top/ BDL / barnett
Frame Make/TypeHarley Davidson wishbone rigid 1948
Front EndHarley Davidson springer
Wheels FrontRadir 18x3
Wheels RearRadir 18x3
Tires FrontFirestone 18x4.50
Tires RearFirestone 18x4.50
Brakes FrontNone
Brakes RearPM sprotor
Additional InfoTriggered by nostalgic styles of the 60's, the transformation process took place one decade ago. A stock 1948 FL Harley Davidson was revamped into this Lowered Vintage Dragster Panhead for lane splitting in Jakarta. Underlining the fact that personalization of a creation has always been the mission of both owner and builder, this "vigorous being" strongly shows such peculiar characters of the possesor: The right weight power ratio made it faster, disc breaks ensuring safe and smoother halts, just to name a few. In the end, it isn't merely a two wheeled machine. It is a statement of passion. Assertion of individual character.

Personal? Hell yeah! :)

Photography courtesy of Onno Wieringa


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