2010 World Championship competitor
BuilderMarco Cinquini
OwnerMarco Cinquini
LocationViareggio (LU)
Countryflag it Italy
Bike NameKcosmodrive
Engine Make/SizeTP 124
DrivetrainBaker 5-speed
Frame Make/TypeMoretti / Garage65
Front EndMoretti / Garage65
Wheels FrontCFL 6.25" x 16.5"
Wheels RearCFL 6.25" x 16.5"
Tires FrontSlick 195/75-16.5"
Tires RearSlick 195/75-16.5"
Brakes FrontBrembo oro 4 piston
Brakes RearBrembo oro 2 piston
Additional InfoOil tank: 5'ini aluminum; aluminum gas tank 5'ini; primary drive 5'ini; carburation: 45-Mikuni HSR air filter; 5'ini-seat aluminum 316:5 'initial front and rear LED: 5'ini, steering wheels and aluminum running boards 316: 5'ini.

For the construction of Kcosmodrive we bought the engine, the gearbox, tyres, and brake calipers. Everything else is built by us.



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