Sixtynine Garage

2010 European Championship competitor
BuilderAlberto Benedetti / Emanuele Paci
OwnerSixtynine Garage
Countryflag it Italy
Bike NameThe Recycler
Engine Make/SizeHarley Davidson Evo 1340
DrivetrainRev Tech 4 Gear
Frame Make/TypeCalles / Sixtynine Garage Wishbone
Front EndSixtynine Garage Springer
Wheels FrontUltima / Sixtynine Garage 21 x 2,15
Wheels RearUltima 16 x 3
Tires FrontAvon Speedmaster 3.00S21
Tires RearContinental K112 5.00 16
Brakes FrontSixtynine Garage Perimetral
Brakes RearKustom Tech Sprocket Brake
PainterRicky Kustom Painting
Chroming/PlatingSixtynine Garage
Additional InfoPipe Sixtynine Garage, Carburation S&S Super E, Oil Tank is Up the bike in half Left/in half right coil and eletrical parts, Gas tank is under the seat Sixtynine Garage, Rear Fender Moto Guzzi, Seat is old front brake, footpeg is Punkl titanium "bielle" to Ferrari 355, Air filter/Gas and Oil tank Caps/rear spinner/footpeg kit are billet Sixtynine Garage, bar/riser/grips and clutch lever Sixtynine Garage, Brake system is all in one... little Kustom Tech pump control rear and front brake



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